A strong energy stone Aegirine forms in columnar monoclinic pencil. It is a small but very powerful tool for anyone wishing for deeper and stronger work.

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A strong energy stone Aegirine forms in columnar monoclinic pencil. It is a small but potent tool for anyone wishing for more profound and more vital work.

*The picture depicted is an example of the specimen you will get, but it will be personally hand-selected by me to ensure it’s just as spectacular!



Aegirine is powerful and potent energy even in its small size. If you work with energy or are very permeable and feel the energy of people around you, you would benefit from protecting yourself with something more potent than black tourmaline. Aegirine has a high frequency that can clear out the many levels of your subtle bodies (aura) and deter any harmful intentions sent to drain your light, including energetic vampires that might inhabit your field without being detected.

As it clears out any of this negativity, it creates a shield for you to shine your inner light even brighter and carry out any healing work you do on yourself or others. It can help you see the silver lining in moments of depression and despair and bring confidence back to your being, removing feelings of shame, guilt, and self-pity. With that ease, Aegirine will help you reclaim your power without ego and process karmic work and the past that needs to be cleared, bringing you to wholeness.

It can be paired with Moldavite to help clear negative entities and Azezulite to balance out the auric field.


How To Use

Lean on this stone in meditation when you would like to clear out some karmic lessons or bringing light to some of the darkness you are experiencing. While holding it in your left hand, imagine any darkness separating from your auric field and all subtle bodies like Moses spreading the Red Sea. The prophet between the tumultuous energy is the Aegerine which you hold, and it brings into your being a light of strength and truth. A warrior of a stone, it allows no entity to remain, no darkness to dim you, and no sadness to overtake you. 

It is also easy to carry around with you in places where you feel you are exposed to attacks or unwelcome intentions or energies.


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