Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline naturally terminated points. 

    Black tourmaline naturally terminated points.

    • The picture depicted is an example of the specimen you will get, but it will be personally hand-selected by me to ensure it’s just as spectacular!



    Black tourmaline is a protective grounding crystal known to swallow negative energies. By turning anxious vibrations into positive emotions, black tourmaline can help you end old habits that aren’t serving you and achieve your most moving forward. Black tourmaline is connected to the base and lower chakras, allowing any unwanted energy to leave the body and make room for your self-confidence to grow. Its protective uses need to block out any ill will or intention directed your way and block it out from entering your space.


    How To Use

    It is a stone commonly used in protection grids for yourself and loved ones via small grids or full house grids to protect your living spaces. You can place a piece in your car, workspace and wear it on your body or in your purse to make sure you carry protection wherever you go. The terminations make it more precise and laser-focus the energy so that you can direct it where needed. A lot more powerful to find a terminated tourmaline that has come to its power and completion.


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