Carnelian is a type of agate/ chalcedony and is often used to activate other forms of Chalcedony. These are high-grade tumbles.

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Carnelian is a type of agate/ chalcedony and is often used to activate other forms of Chalcedony. These are high-grade tumbles.

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Carnelian has such a rich color that it is undeniably full of vigor. As bright red as the blood that runs through our veins, it is truly a stone of energy and fire. It has a rich history dating back to ancient warriors who would wear it into battle as a source of life force and strength. It would be a talisman for creativity for architects and even in the Middle Ages for alchemy. But no matter its history, it is a stone that carries a lot of motivation, vitality, and passion. It is often used to balance passion, love, and desire, whether over or underactive. This could be sexual, but passion can mean more, especially for life. As a healer of the sacral, it can help open fertility or balance out menstrual pains or complications.

As a stone of your will, courage, and determination, it is the perfect crystal to hold by your workplace as a good luck charm and a reminder of your strength.

Carnelian will stimulate your power as it guides you to open up your orange chi. This will strengthen your stamina whether you are an athlete or in a physically demanding career or just someone needing the extra boost during rough moments where you feel defeated.

This glorious blood red/ sun orange can be a tool for organization and structure for those who might need a little extra help setting form.

 Especially speakers, salesmen, and multitaskers could use this, but anyone who needs motivation harnessing fire itself’s strength.


How To Use

Tumbles or natural Carnelian is an easy stone for creating an elixir for willpower, strength, passion, and vitality. On days when you are feeling off, where your life force, inner fire, needs a little boost, you can place these tumbles in your water and drink throughout the day. It is also a perfect talisman to keep in your pocket or on your body for moments where you need courage or creativity and your engine “turned on” and fight any sluggishness.

As with any crystal, they make great pairings for grids revolving around those themes of courage, sexual and physical energy, passion, desire, structure, organization, and determination.

You can pair Carnelian with turquoise as a ying-yang balancing of air and water.

Wearers believe that Carnelian opens digestion, creativity, and focus.


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