8 Week Transformation Course


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Welcome to exploring the 8 weeks course on your energetic centers, your Chakras!

Each energetic center holds tensions be it physical or emotional and becomes misaligned. When our pillar is out of tune we can no longer walk through life as ourselves. As a result we find  misalignment manifesting as disease but also as what we allow in our lives. Our boundaries, communication, and our perception of the external world is all affected.

The first step to finding yourself is to go within and feel for yourself where these tensions are holding you back. Within each part of life you have obtained a belief. Some of those beliefs propel you forward, while others hold you back.

In this 8 week circle, we will dive into each part of life, using each energetic center as a guide. In this intimate space of a closed cohort we reveal our shadows to transform our limitations and open up to a more vibrant you. Each participant is vitally important to the sharing, opening, and learning that takes place. We will focus on one chakra at a time for that week to expand your energy within that center. Through my intuitive and experienced guidance, we will practice discovering  and releasing limitations using sound, movement, meditation and breathing . From this community we can discover for ourselves what messages, memories, and emotions are waiting for our attention so they can release once and for all.


Limited to 10 members

Duration of the Self Exploration circle will be 1 hour.

7 weeks – One chakra per class

8th week will be a check-in follow up session one month after our last gathering.

Start Date:

September – We will agree with all participants on a set day and time once all 10 are booked.

Venmo, Cashapp, Facebook Pay is also acceptable if you email me @ Team@saterraminerals.com or Message me on Facebook.


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