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Welcome to exploring a whole new world of your energetic centers, your Chakras!

. Welcome to exploring a whole new world of your energetic centers, your Chakras!

If you are new to the world of “energy”, vibrations, frequencies and the exploration of the astral planes, then this might be an intimate and informative introduction. Though you might have already awoken to the idea that there is a flow of energy within you that presides over your physical and spiritual self, you may also have many questions. The goal of this workshop is to explore on a deeper level the way energies interact and how they relate to our Chakras. We will connect history, scientific backing, correlation with colors and alignment, and how working with our Chakras can improve our life experience and spiritual journey. 

 To accommodate varying levels of interest you can find options to give you a comprehensive and integrative experience during the workshop or to use at your own leisure.

  • A 30-35 Minute Pre- Recorded Introduction Video 
  • One Spot at One of the Interactive Zoom Workshops 
  • A Crystal Kit – Chakra Tumble Set and Upgrade options 
  • The video, workshop and a tool kit can all be purchased separately or as a package deal


The pre-recorded 35-minute video will cover foundational information about energy and Chakras. It provides the building blocks which we will expand upon during the workshop.

 The live intimate learning workshop will be held via zoom and will be recorded as well for your future reference. During the workshop we will connect on a soul level as well as integrate our understanding of Chakras through guided meditation so that you can personally experience your own alignment. I offer my personal guidance. What a wonderful platform to allow for questions and share your experiences with a loving and supportive community.

Finally, the cherry on top is the available Crystal Kit. This kit will include a set of 7 tumbled stones that relate to the 7 chakras, which we will utilize during our meditation. This will be your kit for practice and future exploration at home. If you already have a set of tumbles an upgrade to palm stones or natural specimens is available upon request at their respective additional costs.

 After this workshop you will have a deeper understanding of Chakras and your own inner light column. You will have the tools to start or continue your spiritual practice by finding connection to your energetic centers, knowing when they are off and realigning them as needed.


Immersive workshops are held every month. Space is first come first serve and will roll over to the next event. 

Duration of our gathering: Approx one hour – though I don’t close unless everyone feels they have everything they came for

May date: 5/30/2021 

5 pm Eastern but can be changed upon request and unanimous ok from the rest of the group. 

10 spots available per date

3 reviews for Intro to Chakras

  1. Katie Taylor (verified owner)

    I LOVED the intro to chakras class!!! It was organized in a very unique way and that made it all the better! So much fun, and I learned ALOT. I cant wait for the next classes!

  2. Stacey Pietricone (verified owner)

    The intro to chakra class was absolutely amazing! She really took the time to get to know the people in the class and did not rush through it! It was very eye opening and insightful! I still think about that class to this day. Absolutely the best decision I made taking this class! Can’t wait to do the 8 week classes!

  3. smacri9 (verified owner)

    Loved Intro to Chakras class with Marina! It was a deep dive meditation into the chakras but always maintained a very safe, warm and personal feel. The immersive workshop over Zoom tied in the content of the pre recorded class beautifully. I felt that both the recorded class and the Zoom group workshop offered something for everyone no matter what your level of practice or experience with Chakras. The group workshop felt like a mini vacation/recharge/rebalancing for body, mind and spirit……time and money very well spent. Thanks Marina for leading and facilitating such a wonderful group and for the wisdom and insight you shared!
    . ❤️??????

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