A high-grade polished Lepidolite palm stone, saturated color and glistening mica. It is rich in Lithium, which brings about its spectrum of colors. It can form in many different colors such as pink, purple, grey, white, and colorless.

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A high-grade polished Lepidolite palm stone, saturated color,, and glistening mica. It is rich in Lithium, which brings about its spectrum of colors. It can form in many different colors such as pink, purple, grey, white, and colorless.

  • The picture depicted is an example of the specimen you will get, but it will be personally hand-selected by me to ensure it’s just as spectacular!


Lepidolite reaches throughout your whole energetic and physical system and expands on all chakras, especially the Heart and Third Eye. In this way, it bridges your higher self to you. The first thing a holder notice is how gentle and soothing the energy is of Lepidolite. Its massive effect on depression and sadness is known for its rich Lithium and soft energy.

 It has a soft nurturing vibe that allows you to feel relaxed and like you are hugging your inner being to help you love yourself. The feeling of love and support helps to release fears – both outdated from the past and the unknown future. It has a gentle way of reminding you of your faith and that everything will be ok. This reminder is huge for stress relief and the release of worries as you are overcome by accepting others’ self and life situations.

Lepidolite can finally cut any negative attachments to the past that hold you back from happiness and success and helps challenging situations as it replenishes your energy. It only attracts opportunities for success as well as people to support you for your greatest good.

Suppose you are faced with situations that bring out anger or stress, especially fear-related to change or loss. This is a stone that will be your soothing balancing support through challenging times.

In reacting or dealing with any hostility, Lepidolite will allow your heart and third eye to activate so you can assess the situation without getting defensive or angry. Working with Lepidolite, you can harmonize your authentic energies to see any problem that arises from learning and going through the challenge with an open heart and mind.

How To Use

It is said that Lepidolite has a detoxifying effect and can be used for the purification process in the skin and connective tissues. It is also said to support nerve-related disorders such as nerve pain and support or even boost the immune system.

You can work with Lepidolite directly on the body over the area of a disease or ailment or any chakra. 

Lepidolite is said to help alleviate allergies and enhances the generation of negative ions.

If you are feeling chronic exhaustion or suffer from epilepsy and Alzheimers, this can be a stone to work with as an aid. 

Lepidolite can help with sciatica, neuralgia, and some joint problems. It is widely used for menopause symptoms by making an elixir and drinking daily. 

The Lithium-based stone, Lepidolite, can rebalance brain function is therefore used for depression and mental illness stemming from mood swings. In that vein, while working with these aspects, it can energetically balance out hyperactivity and ADD. Similarly, for this reason, it is one of the best stones for sleep problems and disorders, even more, severe ones like stress-induced insomnia. Try placing it under the pillow or above your head before bed.

Lepidolite clears electromagnetic pollution and can be used in areas where you have computers or electronics to absorb the emanations. 

Lepidolite is a water element stone, so it works wonders when combined with water, even in meditation. A warm bath with Lepidolite in combination with others will melt all of your worries and give you peace and calm.


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