Selenite Charging Plate


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Selenite has been nicknamed “Physical White Light” because of the age-old belief that it is made up entirely of etheric white light. Chinese massage therapists or acupressure therapists would incorporate Selenite into their tools so that the negative energies leaving the patient’s body would not stick to the healer doing the work.

Because it is a crystal of pure light, Selenite’s frequency attune to the crown and etheric chakras most of all, though it completely balances all chakras. Balancing the entire column and expanding the crown into the etheric Selenite allows for the transformation of our “crown” to become an open the door to the highest self.

Selenite is one of the best crystals to charge your other crystals. It is known to purify and cleanse your spiritual body, emotions, energy, and aura and initiate spiritual awakenings and communication with higher beings. This pure energy gets infused into your other crystals and recharges them to full capacity.

*The picture depicted is an example of the specimen you will get, but it will be personally hand-selected by me to ensure it’s just as spectacular!

How To Use

Leaving Selenite alone or in grids throughout your home will protect it from any negativity. That has been a belief across many cultures for thousands of years that nothing evil or negative can enter within the boundaries of Selenite. It is a fantastic way to display any crystal, grid, or anything else in the house as a discreet grid for keeping negativity out of your spaces. 

Selenite plates will not only keep your grids charged and cleansed if you lay them on top or near but also make for energy grids themselves.

You can create a circle of white light by connecting the ends of Selenite and can even infuse other crystals in between, like celestite or quartz. This will create a powerful healing vortex that can be felt instantly. You can meditate inside the circle to feel divine energy coursing through your body from the feet and up towards the crown chakra. 

Leaving a piece of Selenite by your bed or running it over your body before you go to sleep will cleanse your auric field and chakra centers.

If you lay crystals and jewelry on it while you sleep, it will balance out its natural and vibrant energy so that it can be back to its brilliant healing self in the morning.

Physically it has been known to help with headaches, aches and pains, and swelling. It can help with nightmares and cut negative attachments.


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